Welcome to the Spring edition of our Wells Haslem magazine, The Shell.

It’s been a busy six months for Wells Haslem, as the company continues to grow well into our third year.

Our new recruits, Geoffery MacDermott and Maddison Richards, both Charles Sturt University graduates, and Christine Schulte, who joins us from Germany and is also on a Scholarship with University of Sydney, have added vibrancy and innovation to the team. We have also be joined by former SBS producer and UNICEF communications manager Kate Mayhew, in a Special Counsel Capacity. They join our existing team of senior consultants and round out our service offerings. We have also continued our association with our partners in Melbourne, Rob Masters and Associates and InterCaptial Group. You can read more about them on our staff pages.

We have also been appointed a partner in IPREX, the US$200 million network of communication agencies, with 1,500 staff and 100 offices worldwide. There are many within this network we have worked with over the years. This is a natural evolution in the Wells Haslem story and is why this edition of The Shell has such an international focus.

In our lead story, Christine Schulte argues that international collaboration remains strong as ever, and highlights the significance of cross-cultural communication and the need to approach it strategically

Isabelle Walker rates Obama’s foreign policy and Julie Sibraa explores the recent British Labour Party election and its possible consequences.

CEO Benjamin Haslem and social media specialist Maddison Richards  both write on social media and the impacts it has on politics, business and our personal lives.

As Wells Haslem continues to provide many clients with community engagement advice, Partner Alexandra Mayhew writes about the changing landscape of communities and how often they are underestimated in her article Truth, honesty and the forgotten stakeholder

We also thank Rob Masters for his article, Circling the Wagons.

Wells Haslem also welcomes the appointment of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Julie Sibraa provides her thoughts about what this means for party democracy.

2015 has been proving a very successful year for Wells Haslem, as you’ll note from the expansion of our team. Our new clients, including the Australian Tax Office, Benedict Industries, Law Society of NSW, and Lifestyle Solutions, all have differing objectives and needs. However, despite the vast differences in the type of work we are providing to our many clients, we have managed to retain and grow our client base because we keep our core the same: a desire to help our clients communicate well and to always, always add value.

I hope you enjoy meandering through the pages of our sixth edition of The Shell, we've enjoyed putting it together for you.