It is scary to say, but for some, sleeping on the streets is actually safer than staying at home. Those who end up there do so for a range of reasons from domestic abuse and substance problems, to mental illness and displacement. The reasons are varied and every story is different. However, those in crisis and disadvantage often share one similarity - a loss of dignity, self-worth and esteem.
Launched in October 2011, Rough Threads restores a sense of self and community connection through the delivery of street festivals to those most in need. These events support at-risk groups and give them the chance to participate in a community event where everything is free and all are welcome. 

I established and manage Rough Threads because I believe we all have the ability to help, and so many people are in a position of need. 

Our events bring those who have capacity to give and those who need assistance, together in one space.
In three years Rough Threads has grown into a full service community event which now includes free food, clothing, beauty and wellness treatments, seedlings to grow gardens, live bands, and even a postage service. 

The event visitor list is also expanding. Originally targeting just the homeless, the event now welcomes anyone in crisis, whether they are living on the streets, struggling with addiction, asylum seekers, or refugee families. Rough Threads isn’t just about a quick fix, it’s about showing people that they belong and are part of the community.
These festivals of humanity are fully supported by local residents and businesses, with the organisation now boasting a 50+ volunteer base. Each event is unique and brings a sense of inclusion and social connection to communities across Sydney.
The demand for these events is growing and now Rough Threads is reaching out to corporate partners to help them bridge theses gaps in society. If you interested in getting involved please visit or email