Wells Haslem Strategic Public Affairs will formalise its relationship with Melbourne affiliates Robert Masters & Associates (RM+A) and Inter Capital Group (ICG), a partnership that will allow the three firms to seamlessly deliver valued services nationwide. 
Wells Haslem has experienced a rapid growth since its inception in 2012, in no small part because of the solid foundation laid down over 20 years by John Wells as founding partner at one of Australia’s most successful independent public relations firms, Jackson Wells. 
Benjamin Haslem and Alexandra Mayhew also worked Jackson Wells – Ben for nine years, Alexandra for three.
When determining what Wells Haslem’s point of difference would be, it was important to assess the environment that had been created since the incorporation of the internet

Into everyday lives, the media cycle (and rise of media convergence and the power of social media) and of course, politics. We determined the increasing speed and globalisation of media and politics was a key factor to account for in our new business model.
The Partners also assessed client needs. We determined clients’ preferences can vary from a trusted one-person counsel to a large team with broad service offerings. So we structured ourselves in such a way to provide this. We created our core team to undertake the smaller tasks, and expanded as needed with highly experienced external counsel. Our partnership with RM+A and ICG is an extension of this proven successful model.
In turn, Wells Haslem is an innovative and nimble company working across many industries and client types – from small community groups to blue-chip multi-nationals.

Our found partners are approximately seventeen years apart in age. Ben Haslem suggested we should have given ourselves an obscure and pretentious name like 17x3 or 173. Area 51? But that’s not us.  
Jokes aside, not only did this mean our team comprised of exceptionally experienced professionals, but also offered the energy and passion that youth brings. It meant that for every client there would always be unique perspectives, varied outlooks and multiple solutions offered. 
It has also led to various arguments, especially as we all sit separately on the political spectrum, but it’s all been in the name of very good business.
Importantly, Wells Haslem is a diverse team that challenges one-another and thus produces the best solutions for our clients.
The team’s approach to clients - of transparency and intelligent engagement – has proved a successful for the firm. Wells Haslem has continued to employ more full-time staff and engage more specialised consultants.

When people can outsource services to freelancers so easily on the internet, it is important to stay abreast of the changes. While we will always maintain traditional values – such as strategy-based engagement and high-quality, value-add solutions – we are very aware of the importance of adapting to the era in which we work. 
No longer are we just competing with other Sydney-based PR firms. We are competing against firms in India; we are competing with multinational agencies; we are completing with a freelancer with a phone and a laptop and no overheads. And we plan to stay ahead of the curve. 
Our new partnership with RM+A and ICG is an example of how we will do just this. By partnering with other experts in the field who also provide specialised services, and who are small enough to respond swiftly and efficiently and tailor themselves to their environment accordingly, we maintain our high-standards, expand our experience and yet remain competitive.
Wells Haslem will not be having a Kodak moment.

ICG/RMA is a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement consultancy based in Melbourne. The business provides a suite of specialist communication services including media and government relations, brand communications, crisis and issues management, stakeholder strategy, media training and public relations.
Under the RM+A banner a specialist organisational change and government to stakeholder practice has been built over three decades, while the ICG banner offers a broad range of industry knowledge with a particular expertise in the automotive sector.
Robert Masters and John Kananghinis lead the ICG/RM+A team and offer the benefit of a depth of corporate, political journalism and consultancy experience. Rob is a former senior political journalist having covered federal politics in Canberra and the State Parliaments of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. He is a Life Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and a Past President.

John, in addition to his consultancy experience, has almost 20 years corporate experience as a General Manager in Sales, Marketing and Communication within major global multinationals such as BMW and Scania. He is the current President of the Victoria branch of the Advertising Institute of Australasia, of which he is also a Fellow.
The directors are backed by a team rich in communication, journalism, political, marketing and corporate experience
ICG/RM+A has assisted in the full range of communication tasks. From major industrial, consumer and environmental crises to issues management, internal and industrial relations, and community engagement programs on significant health, medical research, infrastructure, road, energy, rail, electricity, education, mining, manufacturing and industrial projects. They have devised and delivered launch and education programs on new and green automotive technology, created major sponsorship leverage activities, as well as facilitating client representations to, and cooperation with, government at all levels.